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"Dries in hours, Not Days"

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"Dries in hours, not Days!"

Carpet Cleaning

DryMaster Dry Cleaning Method is different than any other carpet cleaning method in the industry because it gets the deep down dirt without soaking, shrinking, mildewing, warping, molding or leaving any sticky residue afterward… GUARANTEED.

Furniture will look brand new again

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning can only be trusted with DryMaster’s System. We care for your furnishings and use the finest and safest cleaning solutions with the same gentle, but thorough low moisture soil extraction method. It removes dust and dirt completely rather than just over-wetting the fabric and rubbing the dirt around. We can safely clean furniture upholstered with Hatian cotton, brocades, tapestry, leather and colorfast materials. Furniture can be very expensive to re-upholster or even more to replace. Give your upholstery the proper cleaning with DryMaster’s Dry Extraction System.

Looks and smells brand

Auto, Boat & RV Cleaning

DryMaster uses the same safe low moisture extraction system to clean cars, vans, RV’s, aircrafts and watercrafts carpet and upholstery. We restore the original beauty of your fabrics and carpets without the over-wetting or using overwhelmingly harsh chemicals and odors as used by other cleaners. We will brighten your Seats and Carpets and will be ready to use in a few short hours dazzling with cleanliness and brightness.